A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A downloadable game for Mac and Windows


This is an early access version of the final release, as such, the puzzle designs and progression are still not set in stone. There is also one more big mechanic to come, manifesting in 10-15 more puzzles.

Find the path & ignite the light

Meditative, abstract puzzles in which you visualise and discern the correct path. Ignite the correct candles to guide the firefly, who carries the light through the Tori gates.

A "revolutionary" puzzle game

  • 70+ orbiting, revolving and round-about puzzles
  • A variety of puzzle mechanics to decipher, understand & master
  • Meditative music tailored to enhance your puzzle solving abilities


The number of burning candles dictates the number of turns

Non-linear level progression

As you solve puzzles, there will be forks in the road and you have have to find your own path forward. The path will join back up again, but you can't go any further until you experience all paths.

Challenge levels

There are a number of levels off the beaten path that don't need to be solved to 'complete' the main game. Feel free to attempt them if you are up for a challenge! There will be more challenge levels in the final version of the game.

Music composed by Jennifer Hankin


TŌRŌ - Windows 43 MB
Version 0.3.3
Version 0.3.3
TŌRŌ - Windows (Development build) 47 MB
Version 0.3.3
TŌRŌ - OSX (Development build) 57 MB
Version 0.3.3


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Definitely looking forward to play some more and see what revolutionary mechanics are there to discover.